We are fully committed to integrity. This is why we strive to strengthen our ethics and compliance culture continuously.

Our Compliance & Business Ethics Program outlines this commitment. It aims to implement it through awareness-raising and training, using the guiding principles and prescriptions in our Business Conduct & Ethics Code and our other compliance policies and procedures.

Our Compliance Program covers, among other things, the fight against corruption, compliance with competition laws, export control, and personal data protection.

Business Conduct & Ethics Code: Our Code of Conduct is at the heart of the CEOWORLD magazine’s Compliance Program. It promotes compliant, honest, and ethical conduct with all stakeholders. DOWNLOAD IN ENGLISH.

Code of conduct for suppliers: The CEOWORLD magazine group deploys responsible purchasing practices to establish lasting relationships with its suppliers. CEOWORLD magazine’s code of conduct, business ethics, and the code of conduct for suppliers guide this approach. DOWNLOAD IN ENGLISH.

Anti-Corruption Policy: Our Anti-Corruption Policy complements the Business Conduct & Ethics Code as regards the fight against influence peddling and corruption by defining and giving concrete examples of the different types of behavior likely to be characterized as acts of corruption or influence peddling and setting out the minimum set of rules applicable to employees concerning gifts and invitations. DOWNLOAD IN ENGLISH.

Whistleblowing Procedure: Our whistleblowing system allows our employees and partners to report malfunctions in connection with the CEOWORLD magazine group they may be aware of. This system can be used by sending an email to [email protected], subject to compliance with the terms of the whistleblowing procedure. DOWNLOAD IN ENGLISH.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners: In this CEOWORLD magazine Code of Conduct for Business Partners, CEOWORLD magazine has defined its requirements and principles for its business dealings with its business partners, in particular those relating to compliance with ethical standards, applicable laws as well as integrity. DOWNLOAD IN ENGLISH.

Organization of the Compliance function: In CEOWORLD magazine, an Ethics and Compliance team, composed of in-house lawyers based in the main geographic areas where the Group operates, is responsible for the appropriate and effective implementation of the Compliance Program and ensures that all the rules are applied. This team is part of the Legal Department. The Group General Counsel and the Group Head of Compliance meet quarterly with CEOWORLD magazine’s Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to discuss ongoing compliance topics.

A Compliance Committee, which brings together the Legal, Human Resources, Internal Control, Audit, Security, Credit Management, and Sustainable Development Departments, as well as an Executive Committee member, provides support and guidance on the actions led by the Ethics and Compliance team and presents a quarterly report to the Executive Committee of the group.


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