July 25, 2024

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YCIS celebrates remarkable IB results of the 2024 cohort With Two Perfect Scorers

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YCIS celebrates remarkable IB results of the 2024 cohort With Two Perfect Scorers

(PRNewsfoto/Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong)
(PRNewsfoto/Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong)

YCIS provides a multicultural, bilingual learning environment, nurturing students into global citizens highly proficient in Chinese and English, with a deep understanding of Eastern and Western cultures. Every year, YCIS has a high share of graduates obtaining the IB Bilingual Diploma, with an impressive 76 students (62% vs 26.8% worldwide in 2023) this year, which sees the success of YCIS’s bilingual teaching model. The IB Bilingual Diploma requires students to do two languages from the DP course studies in language and literature, or two subjects from the curriculum in a non-native language, demanding bilingual abilities at native language level. Despite the high academic demands of the IB curriculum and the challenge of learning in a non-native language, YCIS encourages students to take the arduous path to benefit the most from a bilingual learning experience.

Highlights of YCIS Hong Kong’s 2024 IBDP results:

  • 2 students accomplished the perfect score of 45
  • 2 students achieved 44, 8 students achieved 43
  • 27 students scored 40 or above
  • 42 students scored 38 or above
  • 76 students (62%) received the IB Bilingual Diploma

Worldwide Candidates*

YCIS Hong Kong IB Graduates

Highest score



40 or above

8.87 %

22 %

30 or above

55.6 %

79 %

Bilingual Diploma

26.8 %

62 %

Total no. of registered



* Statistics of 2023 IBDP Exam from IBO

Student CHAN Hoi Kiu, who obtained 45 points perfect score, says “I am really excited about my results and am grateful for the support that the school and teachers have given me. Studying at YCIS since I was 2 years old, where play-based learning’ has been at the core of the school’s early childhood education, all the way through primary and secondary school, teachers have made learning very fun and we have been nurtured to always stay curious and to proactively explore the unknown. I have been given ample opportunities to nurture my various interests, taking on various leadership roles throughout the years such as Debate Vice-Captain, Head Prefect, and multiple lead roles in our school’s annual musical productions. Through these opportunities, I have developed a liking towards various subjects, and hence I was considering between law and medicine for university. There were stressful times, but my activities outside of the classroom have helped me de-stress and maintained a balanced life while I prepared for the public exam.” 

Also obtaining 45 points, another perfect scorer student Augusta TANG says: “I was shocked by the news and my parents and I were in tears of joy. My family and teachers have been so supportive to me throughout the years. When I was young, I wasn’t strong academically, especially in Science and Maths. The turning point was in Year 7, when a science teacher reassured me that I was capable. He encouraged me to keep on trying and I started to have confidence in myself when I won an award at a Math contest he organised which recognised students for their effort in trying and not for perfect scores. Since then, I started to work extra hard to achieve my goals. I aspire to become a doctor in the future. I had the opportunity to volunteer at Queen Mary Hospital and through my shadowing experiences, I came to realise the field of medicine involves much more than science and technology, it is also about providing emotional and physical care to patients. This meaningful combination of scientific knowledge and human compassion is what has inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.”

In addition, we are delighted to share some of the exceptional university offers received by our graduates this year. YCIS Hong Kong students continue to excel, securing offers from various universities across the globe; among them included offer from Stanford University and Tsinghua University, conditional offers from University of Oxford; admissions to a highly competitive and selective joint programme offered by University of Southern California, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Bocconi University in Italy. 

YCIS students display a range of talents on their choice of university disciplines, spanning from business, law, biomedical science, engineering, performing arts, and a notable increment in computer science with extended studies in artificial intelligence, driven by their aspirations to contribute to a better future and the overall welfare of our global society. Our students have received 56 interdisciplinary offers (ie. programmes involving two or more disciplines), 39 law offers and more than 30 offers of medicine and biomedical science. These offers affirm YCIS’s pledge to providing a well-rounded and holistic learning experience for students.

Selected 2024 YCIS graduates’ university offers at a glance:

United Kingdom

United States

•  Durham University

•  Imperial College London

•  King’s College London

•  London School of Economics and Political Science

•  Queen Mary University of London

•  University College London

•  University of Bath

•  University of Birmingham

•  University of Edinburgh

•  University of Manchester

•  University of Oxford

•  University of Warwick

•  University of Westminster

•  University of York

●  Boston University

●  Purdue University

●  Stanford University

●  University of California, Berkeley

●  University of California, Davis

●  University of California, Irvine

●  University of California, Merced

●  University of California, Riverside

●  University of California, San Diego

●  University of California, Santa Barbara

●  University of California, Santa Cruz

●  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

●  University of Wisconsin, Madison

●  Vanderbilt University

Hong Kong SAR and Chinese Mainland


●  City University of Hong Kong

●  Hong Kong Baptist University

●  The Chinese University of Hong Kong

●  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

●  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

●  The University of Hong Kong

●  Tsinghua University

●  University of Sydney

●  University of Melbourne

●  University of New South Wales


●  University of British Columbia

●  University of Toronto

●  University of Waterloo

●  Western University

“Congratulations to the YCIS Class of 2024 graduates. We take immense pride in our students’ outstanding IB results and their embodiment of the YCIS ethos as incessant learners, exploring their interests and finding their paths. As they embark on their university journeys, aligned with their goals and passions, they take a step further to making meaningful contributions to our world.” said Mr Martin Scott, Education Director and Executive Principal of YCIS Hong Kong.

Appendix 1 – YCIS 2024 graduates aspirations


I feel incredibly positive and enthusiastic about receiving an offer from the University of Oxford to contribute to the field of biomedical sciences. My dream is to pursue a career in biomedical science and research, especially immunology and rheumatology. I aspire to specialise in developing new treatment strategies for currently incurable diseases. 

Hannah CHENG

I was overjoyed to receive news of my acceptance to Stanford University, which is a testament to my hard work and perseverance. In the future, I aim to pursue a career in business, potentially starting my own startup company with my siblings and continuing my path of community service.

Serena LEE

Receiving a dual degree offer with scholarships from two prestigious universities, the University of Hong Kong and the University of California, Berkeley, is truly a dream come true for me.

I believe everyone possesses artistic potential, and art should be accessible to all, regardless of economic, religious, or political barriers. My ambition is to contribute to the artistic and cultural industries, aiming to illuminate and amplify underrepresented cultures that deserve recognition and appreciation.

CHAN Hoi Kiu

I am grateful to have received offers from Hong Kong’s top universities, University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong, for both prestigious medical and law programmes. Not only am I proud of the hard work I’ve put in to earn these offers, but I’m also deeply grateful to my teachers and the CUGO (Careers and University Guidance Office) for their invaluable guidance throughout this journey.

I intent to leverage my knowledge, diligence, and compassion to aid those in need. Becoming a doctor would enable me to blend my passion in science with direct human interaction. Ultimately, I aspire to play a leading member in Hong Kong’s healthcare system, influencing policy and enhancing global public health standards.

Sophia SEE

After pouring my heart and soul into my studies for the past few years, I am relieved to have achieved such a remarkable result, far exceeding my own expectations. All of this would not have been possible without the support from my teachers and counsellors from CUGO (Careers and University Guidance Office).

I am excited to embark on the journey of studying medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, fulfilling my lifelong dream. I would like to especially thank my family, for always supporting me throughout my academic life and for believing in me. I look forward to starting my journey in the medical field and hope to make significant contributions to society.

Photos can be downloaded from: https://shorturl.at/HcpCu

About YCIS

Founded in 1932 by Madam Tsang Chor-hang, Yew Chung has been a pioneer in providing quality bilingual education to the learners of Hong Kong for over 90 years. Originally specialising in Early Childhood Education, YCIS has evolved to offer comprehensive education from early childhood through primary and secondary, culminating in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

YCIS has expanded beyond Hong Kong and has now established campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Qingdao in China and Silicon Valley in the United States, attracting an annual student enrolment of over 6,000.

By embracing the richness and diversity of both Eastern and Western cultures, YCIS equips its students to become bilingual, global-minded, and competitive individuals. The school is dedicated to providing a holistic and balanced education that nurtures students into global citizens of the 21st century.  For more information, please visit our website or our Facebook page.

SOURCE Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong


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